I Used To Be In A Punk Band

I used to be in a punk band.

Before I became the multimillionaire ex-playboy, punk rock and roll, multimedia, tycoon I am today; I was a singer and guitarist of Red City Radio. This decision was wholly my own. I was not influenced by family or friends. I was not humbled by the road. And most importantly I was neither dismissed by my band mates nor sick of being their band mate and friend. The truth is I was and am ready for something different.

I still love writing music. I still love performing it. I even love the trials and tribulations of life on the road. Meeting people, making fans and affecting people in a positive way is an indescribably rewarding experience. I also know there are other ways for me to accomplish those things and I am no longer able to push those ambitions aside. So much of my life the past eight years has been predicated on the needs of a band. Call me selfish but I am now at a point where I alone would like to be the arbiter of my life’s direction.

The good news is Red City Radio will go on in my absence. The details of which I am sure they will disseminate soon. No tours are canceled. No release schedules altered. No feelings hurt. RCR  will continue  with the ethos that has directed its every move since day one: four dudes, four songwriters, no bullshit. That I am a part of that legacy fills me with intense pride and I cannot wait for what they do next. Whatever it is I have no doubt it will reach a level of excellence that we as a band expected of ourselves and you as fans enjoyed.

I reserved this paragraph for a list of the many thank yous I owe to countless individuals across the globe but after some thought I felt it inappropriate. My gratitude is in response to the charity and kindness displayed to my now former band as a whole and not to myself individually. I will say that I have made many, many friends over the years without which this band would not have been sustainable and conversely without Red City Radio I would not have the breadth of incredible people to call on when I need a laugh, a cry, a smoke or a bed. Thank you all so much. You know who you are. And with any luck my wife and I will be seeing you very soon.

A couple of little things:

-My last show with RCR will be in early April. Details to follow soon.

-I plan on keeping this blog for the foreseeable future.  I have stories to tell. Hopefully my ambition outweighs my laziness.


Paul Pendley



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  2. Paul you will be greatly missed, it’s been great getting to RCR shows and hanging out with you! Best of luck on your future endeavours and I hope to see you killing it with whatever you get into next! Jameson

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  4. Man, this breaks my heart, but I wish you all the best and I’m so glad that everything is on good terms. You and those other jerks (not to be confused with Elway, but they count too) have given Claire and I some of the best nights of our lives. Many incredible nights we’re had in Chicago at Pancho’s (always Pancho’s to me), and certainly down at Firehouse in Normal. Most recently we were completely responsible parents and left the kiddo with grandma to hang out with you losers in Indianapolis, since we’re lame and living in Dayton again.

    Sappy as it is, you’re a huge part of my mid/late 20s and I can’t thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart. I’m completely stoked to support anything you do as well as RCR and I truly hope our paths cross again soon, my friend. You guys have given me the most amazing memories and nights to live for and that kinda shit doesn’t end up forgotten. Thanks, bud. For everything. See you soon.

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